Aarthi Prabandham – 57th & 58th Pasuram

desikargaL pORRum thiruvAimozhippiLLai
vAsamalar thAL adaindha vaththuvendRu – nEsaththAl
yen pizhaigaL kANA ethirAsarE – adiyEn
punpagarvai kElum poRuththu

Oh Ramanuja! I have attained the feet of Thiruvaimozhippillai – a doyen glorified by other renowned scholars. For this reason alone, you should overlook my limitations and sins and put up with my repeated requests to bless me with salvation.

endhai thiruvAimozhippiLLai innaruLAl
undhan uRavai uNarthiyapin indha uyirkku
ellA uRavum nee endRE ethirAsA
nillAdhadhu uNdO yen nenju?

Oh Ramanuja! My father Thiruvaimozhippillai, out of his abounding grace, helped me beget your sambandham and blessed me with the spiritual meanings contained in Thirumanthiram. After gaining the knowledge that your relationship is the sole means to my liberation, wouldn’t my mind have strengthened its resolve?


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