URM – Pasurams 50-52

namperumAL nammAzhwAr nanjeeyar nampiLLai
enbar avar tham yERRaththAl – anbudaiyOr
sArru thirunAmangaL thAn endRu nan nenjE
yEththadanaich solli nee indRu

Due to their respective glories, the Lord of Srirangam, Sri. Madhavacharyar and Sri. Nambur Varadarajar came to be referred to by the names of Namperumal, Nanjeeyar and Nampillai respectively. Oh my mind! May you propagate those glories and meditate upon them!

thannupugazh kanthAdai thOzhappar tham ugappAl
enna ulagAriyarO endRu uraikkap – pinnai
ulagAriyan ennum peyar nampiLLaikku Ongi
vilagAmal nindRadhu enDru mEl

Kanthadai Thozhappar was a person whose glory befitted his conduct. One day, out of his desire towards Nampillai, he jovially asked the latter if he was a Lokacharya (teacher to the world). Since then, the name “Lokacharya” came to be associated with Nampillai and remained persistent.

pinnai vadakkuth thiruveedhippiLLai anbAl
anna thirunAmaththai Adhariththu – mannupugazh
maindarkkuch sAththugaiyAl vandhu parandhadhu engum
indhath thirunAmam ingu

At a later date, Vadakkuth Thiruveedhippillai, a disciple of Nampillai, out of his desire towards the name “Lokacharya”, named his illustrious son “Pillai Lokacharyar”. Thus, this sobriquet, by virtue of its usage by others, spread across the world.


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